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June 16-20 - LPP will be exhibiting at the ASME Turbo Expo in Germany.

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Flame LPP Combustion, LLC (LPP), a Maryland-based company, has developed a unique and innovative technology for Lean, Premixed, Prevaporized combustion of liquid fuels, allowing these fuels to burn cleanly in natural gas-fired power turbines and other combustion devices.  Using a separate fuel preparation skid, the LPP Combustion System converts liquid fuels, such as kerosene, #2 fuel oil, coal liquids, ethanol, and methanol, into a synthetic natural gas, called LPP gas, that allows the turbine to operate in lean pre-mixed mode. 

The LPP System solves the autoignition problem associate with lean, premixed, prevaporized combustion of liquid fuels, thereby allowing operation on liquid fuels while producing low emissions similar to natural gas operation. The LPP technology allows introduction of the LPP gas to the gas turbine through the normal, natural gas piping and combustion system, without any changes to the turbine hardware.

Thus, the LPP System allows rapid switching between liquid fuels and natural gas by providing operation on liquid fuels, even for gas turbines that have no current capability to burn liquid fuels.  This innovative technology can provide millions of dollars in fuel cost savings per year by allowing power generators to operate on either liquids or gas, whichever is cheaper, during seasonal fluctuations in energy prices, while generating low emissions on either fuel. 

The LPP Combustion, LLC product is a self-contained hardware skid that can be easily located near an existing natural gas-fired turbine.  The skid receives a liquid fuel supply from existing storage tanks and transforms the fuel into LPP gas, which is then connected into the existing natural gas supply piping for the combustion turbine.  The hardware skid consists of a unique fuel vaporizer designed and developed by LPP, and conventional compressors, heat exchangers, piping, valves, control hardware, and passive air separation membranes readily available in the marketplace. 

The flexibility provided by the LPP skid is due in large part to its ability to provide emissions from the burning of LPP gas that are comparable to those from burning natural gas.  Thus, the customer pays no significant emissions penalty when utilizing the liquid fuels.


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