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Clean Combustion of Coal Derived Liquids
The LPP Combustion System converts alternative liquid fuels, such as coal liquids, naphtha, #2 fuel oil or biofuels into a synthetic natural gas. This LPP gas can then be burned with low emissions in virtually any combustion device in place of natural gas, providing users substantial fuel flexibility.

The LPP system burning coal liquids or naphtha in a dry low emission (DLE) gas turbine creates a low emissions power plant. By combining the LPP Combustion System technology with the Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) process, IGCC operation is made more flexible and the overall economics are improved.

Emmissions Chart Coal Liquid
Use Coal Derived Liquids to Produce Synthetic Natural Gas for Your Turbine

Emissions Comparable to Burning Natural Gas

No Combustion Hardware Modifications Required

Coal Liquids Process

Benefits of Using the LPP Technology with Coal Liquids

  • Emissions of criteria pollutants (NOx, CO, SOx, PM) with coal liquids, such as naphtha, are similar or lower than natural gas levels.
  • Emissions Chart - Coal CASignificant improvement in the IGCC value proposition may be realized by using side stream products, such as naphtha, as a feed stock for the LPP Technology.
  • Reduce the plant capital cost since a spare gasifier may not be needed for coal gasification when the LPP Technology is used.
  • Reduce the CO2 footprint by blending biofuels with coal derived liquids.
  • Separation of the ownership and operation of the coal to liquids (CTL) and the power blocks.
  • Beneficial use of waste nitrogen (N2) produced by the air separation unit of the coal gasification plant.

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